pearl pigment

Silver White Series

Silver white pigment series

Persistence in our ideas and following through with them as the philosophy of Kevichem.

Code Size Name Tio2 Type Effect
1011 50-500 Ultra Sparkle Anatase Ultra Sparkle Silver
1001 40-200 Super Sparkle Anatase Super Sparkle Silver
1003 10-125 Sparkle White Anatase Sparkle Silver White
1034 10-95 Glitter White Anatase Glitter Silver White
1004 10-75 Brillant White Anatase Brillant Silver White
1005 10-60 Super White Anatase Bright Silver White
1202 10-60 Sterling White Rutile Bright Silver White
1085 10-40 Dazzling White Anatase Shinning Silver White
1025 5-25 Satin White Anatase Satin Silver White
1222 5-25 Rutile Satin Rutile Satin Silver White
1006 1-15 Fine White Anatase Fine Satin Silver
1203 1-15 Micro White Rutile Fine Satin Silver
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Interference Series

Interfernce color pigment series

Persistence in our ideas and following through with them as the philosophy of Kevichem.

Code Size (μm) Name Tio2 Type Effect
2001 10-60 Super Gold Rutile Golden Interface
2002 10-60 Super Red Rutile Red Interface
2017 10-60 Super Orange Rutile Orange Interface
2003 10-60 Super Violet Rutile Violet Interface
2004 10-60 Super Blue Rutile Blue Interface
2005 10-60 Super Green Rutile Green Interface
2021 5-25 Satin Gold Rutile Golden Interface
2022 5-25 Satin Red Rutile Red Interface
2023 5-25 Satin Voilet Rutile Voilet Interface
2024 5-25 Satin Blue Rutile Blue Interface
2025 5-25 Satin Green Rutile Green Interface
2031 10-125 Sparkle Gold Rutile Golden Interface
2032 10-125 Sparkle Red Rutile Red Interface
2033 10-125 Sparkle Violet Rutile Voilet Interface
2034 10-125 Sparkle Blue Rutile Blue Interface
2035 10-125 Sparkle Green Rutile Green Interface
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Recoloured Series

New recoloured pigment series
Code Size (μm) Name Effect
3001 10-60 Red Bright Red Pearl Luster
3002 10-60 Blue Bright Blue Luster
3003 10-60 Green Bright Green Pearl Luster
3005 10-60 Lemon Yellow Bright Lemon Yellow Pearl Luster
3006 10-60 Silver Grey Bright Silver Grey Pearl Luster
3407 10-60 Black Bright Black Pearl Luster
3201T 10-60 Rose Red Vivid Rose Red Pearl Luster
3602 10-60 Magic Blue Vivid Magic Blue Pearl Luster
3423 10-60 Magic Green Vivid Magic Green Pearl Luster
3201D 10-60 Rich Red Vivid Rich Red Pearl Luster
3202 10-60 Rich Blue Vivid Rich Blue Pearl Luster
3204Y 10-60 Magic Voilet Vivid Magic Voilet Pearl Luster
3204Z 10-60 Pearl Voilet Vivid Voilet Pearl Luster
3203P 10-60 Apple Green Vivid Apple Green Pearl Luster
3410 10-60 Bronze Brown Vivid Bronze Brown Pearl Luster
3411 10-60 Dark Brown Vivid Dark Brown Pearl Luster
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Metallic Luster Series

metallic pigment luster color series
Code Size (μm) Name Effect
4001 10-60 Bronze Bright Bronze Metalic Luster
4002 10-60 Red Brown Bright Red Brown Metalic Luster
4003 10-60 Wine Red Bright Wine Red Metalic Luster
4004 10-60 Purple Red Bright Purple Red Metalic Luster
4005 10-60 Green Brown Bright Green Brown Metalic Luster
4006 10-60 Coffee Bright Coffee Metalic Luster
4021 5-25 Satin Bronze Soft Bronze Metalic Luster
4022 5-25 Satin Red Brown Soft Red Brown Metalic Luster
4023 5-25 Satin Wine Red Soft Wine Red Metalic Luster
4024 5-25 Satin Purple Red Soft Purple Red Metalic Luster
4051 10-125 Glitter Bronze Glitter Bronze Metalic Luster
4052 10-125 Glitter Wine Red Glitter WIne Red Metalic Luster
4031 20-95 Sparkle Bronze Sparkle Bronze Metalic Luster
4032 20-95 Sparkle Red Brown Sparkle Red Brown Metalic Luster
4033 20-95 Sparkle Wine Red Sparkle Wine Red Metalic Luster
4034 20-95 Sparkle Purple Red Sparkle Purple Red Metalic Luster
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Golden Luster Series

Golden luster color pigment series
Code Size (μm) Name Effect
5003 10-60 Super Golden Bright Golden pearlescent Luster
5301 10-60 Yellow Gold Yellow Golden Pearlescent Luster
5002 10-60 Dark Gold Bright Reddish Golden Luster
5304 10-60 Red Gold Red Golden Pearlescent Luster
5305 10-60 Real Gold 24K Gold Brilliant Luster
5306 10-60 Olympic Gold Bright Yellowish Golden Luster
5307 10-60 Earth Gold Strong Reddish Golden Luster
5308 10-60 Green Gold Pale Golden Luster
5023 5-25 Satin Golden Soft Golden Pearlescent Luster
5321 5-25 Satin Yellow Gold Soft Yellow Golden Luster
5022 5-25 Satin Dark Gold Soft Reddish Golden Luster
5024 5-25 Satin Red Gold Soft Red Golden Pearlescent Luster
5033 10-95 Glitter Yellow Gold Glitter Yellowish Golden Luster
5032 10-95 Glitter Red Gold Glitter Reddish Golden Luster
5001 10-125 Sparkle Gold Sparkle Yellowish Golden Luster
5011 40-200 Super Glitter Gold Ultra Glitter Yellow Golden Luster
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Multi-Colour Series

green pigment | black pigment | multi-color pigments
Code Size (μm) Name Effect
7001 10-60 Gold Green Bright Golden And Green Luster
7002 10-60 Green Red Bright Green And Red Luster
7003 10-60 Red Green Bright Red And Green Luster
7004 10-60 Purple Red Bright Purple And Red Luster
7005 10-60 Voilet Green Bright Voilet Andf Green Luster
7006 10-60 Gold Voilet Bright Gold And Voilet Luster
7007 10-60 Blue Green Bright Blue And Green Luster
7008 10-60 Blue Orange Bright Blue And Orange Luster
7009 10-60 Red Voilet Bright Red And Voilet Luster
7010 10-60 Green Yellow Bright Green And Yellow Luster
7012 10-60 Gold Blue Bright Golden And Blue Luster
7014 10-60 Gold Red Bright Golden And Red Luster
7015 10-60 Blue Red Bright Blue And Red Luster
7016 10-60 Green Voilet Bright Green And Voilet Luster
7017 10-60 Red Blue Bright Red And Blue Luster
7018 10-60 Blue Voilet Bright Blue And Voilet Luster
7019 10-60 Green Blue Bright Green And Blue Luster
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Crystal Effect Pigments

Crystal effect color pigment
Size (μm) Code Name Effect
40-200 6001 Crystal Super Sparkle Super Crystal Sparkle Silver Luster
6201 Crystal Ultra Sparkle Golden Interference crystal luster
6202 Crystal Ultra sparkle Red Red Interference crystal luster
6203 Crystal Ultra Sparkle Voilet Voilet Interference crystal luster
6204 Crystal Ultra Sparkle Blue Blue Interference crystal luster
6205 Crystal Ultra Sparkle Green Green Interference crystal luster
6380 Crystal Ultra Glitter Yellow Gold Sparkle yellow gold luster
6383 Crystal Glitter Red Gold Ultra sparkle reddish crystal luster
6570 Crystal Glitter Bronze Ultra sparkle bronze crystal luster
6574 Crystal Wine Red Ultra sparkle wine red crystal luster
10-60 6600 Crystal Super White Bright silver crystal luster
6261 Crystal Super Gold Bright gold crystal luster
6300 Crystal Yellow Gold Bright yellow golden luster
6301 Crystal Super Gold Bright golden crystal luster
6303 Crystal Red Gold Bright redddish golden luster
6500 Crystal Bronze Bright bronze crystal luster
6502 Crystal Red Brown Bright red brown crystal luster
6504 Crystal Wine Red Bright wine red crystal luster
10-125 6160 Crystal Sparkle White Sparkle crystal silver white luster
6211 Crystal Sparkel Gold Golden interference crystal luster
6212 Crystal Sparkle Red Red inteference crystal luster
6213 Crystal Sparkle Voilet Voiltet inteference crystal luster
6214 Crystal Sparkle Blue blue interference crystal luster
6215 Crystal Sparkle Green Green interference crystal luster
6350 Crystal Flash Yellow Gold Sparkle yellow gold luster
6351 Crystal Yellow Gold Sparkle yellow gold luster
6553 Crystal Flash Red Gold Sparkle reddish gold luster
6550 Crystal Flash Bronze Crystal sparkle bronze luster
6552 Crystal Flash Red Brown Sparkle red brown crystal luster
6554 Crystal Flash Red Brown Saprkle wine red crystal luster
20-95 6325 Crystal Bright Silver Bright crystal silver white
5-25 6123 Crystal Satin Silver Satin crystal silver white
1-15 6111 Crystal Fine Silver Fine crystal silver
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Diamond Effect Series

Diamond effect color pigment series
Size (μm) Code Name Effect
10-60 8600 Diamond Brilliant White Brilliant Diamond white luster
8261 Diamond Super Gold Diamond gold interference
8262 Diamond Super Red Diamond red interference
8263 Diamond Super Voilet Diamond voilet interference
8264 Diamond Super Blue Diamond blue inteference
8265 Diamond Super Green Diamond Green interference
10-125 8160 Diamond Sparkle White Sparkle Diamond white luster
8211 Diamond Sparkle Gold Golden Interference diamond luster
8212 Diamond Sparkle Red Red interference diamond luster
8213 Diamond Sparkle Voilet Voilet Interference diamond luster
8214 Diamond Sparkle Blue Blue Interference diamond luster
8215 Diamond Sparkle Green Green Interference diamond luster
8210 Diamond Sparkel Rainbow diamond rainbow luster
8550 Diamond Flash Bronze Bronze diamond luster
8552 Diamond Flash Red-Brown Red-Brown diamond luster
8554 Diamond Flash Wine-Red Wine-Red diamond luster
8555 Diamond Sparkle Lilac Lilac Diamond luster
8556 Diamond Flash Brown-Green Brown-Green diamond luster
40-200 8380H Diamond Yellow Gold diamond Golden luster
8383H Diamond Red Gold diamond reddish golden luster
8442H Diamond Red Red diamond luster
8425H Diamond Blue Blue diamond luster
8468H Diamond Green Green diamond luster
8491H Diamond Lemon Lemon diamond luster
8406H Diamond Silver Silver gray diamond luster
8421H Diamond Golden Red Golden and red diamond luster
40-200 8100 Diamond Super Sparkle super Sparkle diamond luster
8201 Diamond Ultra Saprkle Gold Golden interference diamond luster
8202 Diamond Ultra Sparkle Red Red Interference diamond luster
8203 Diamond Ultra Sparkle Voilet Voilet Interference diamond luster
8204 Diamond Ultra Sparkle Blue Blue Interference diamond luster
8205 Diamond Ultra Sparkle Greeen Green Interference diamond luster
8200 Diamond Ultra Sparkle Rainbow Rainbow Interference diamond luster
8570 Diamond Sparkle Bronze Saprkle Bronze diamond luster
8572 Diamond Sparkle Red-Brown Sparkle Red-Brown diamond luster
8574 Diamond Sparkle Wine-Red Sparkle Wine-Red diamond luster
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Chameleon Series

Chameleon color pigment series
Code Size (μm) Effect
10-25 1173Y Golden-Orange-Lilac Bright Diamond Luster
10-25 1128Y Golden-Red-Voilet Bright Diamond Luster
10-25 1734Y Orange-Lilac-Blue Bright Diamond Luster
10-25 1284Y Red-Voilet-Blue Bright Diamond Luster
10-25 1345Y Lilac-Blue-Green Bright Diamond Luster
10-25 1523Y Green-Red-Lilac Bright Diamond Luster
10-25 2734Y Orange-Lilac-Blue Bright Diamond Luster
10-25 2123Y Golen-Bronze-Purple Bright Diamond Luster
10-25 2451Y Blue-Green-Golden Bright Diamond Luster
10-25 2512Y Green-Golden-Red Bright Diamond Luster
10-25 2345Y Lilac-Blue-Green Bright Diamond Luster
50-300 1173Q Golden-Orange-Lilac Sparkle Diamond Luster
50-300 1128Q Golden-Red-Voilet Sparkle Diamond Luster
50-300 1734Q Orange-Lilac-Blue Sparkle Diamond Luster
50-300 1284Q Red-Voilet-Blue Sparkle Diamond Luster
50-300 1345Q Lilac-Blue-Green Sparkle Diamond Luster
50-300 1523Q Green-Red-Lilac Sparkle Diamond Luster
10-95 1173MS Golden-Orange-Lilac Bright Luster
10-95 1128MS Golden-Red-Voilet Bright Luster
10-95 1734MS Orange-Lilac-Blue Bright Luster
10-95 2284MS Red-Voilet-Blue Bright Luster
10-95 1345MS Lilac-Blue-Green Bright Luster
10-95 1523MS Green-red-Lilac Bright Luster
10-95 2734MS Orange-Lilac-Blue Bright Luster
10-95 2123MS Golden-Bronze-Purple Bright Luster
10-95 2451MS Blue-Green-Golden Bright Luster
10-95 2512MS Green-Golden-Red Bright Luster
10-95 2345MS Lilac-Blue-Green Bright Luster
10-60 1734ML Orange-Lilac-Blue Soft Pearl Luster
10-60 1345ML Lilac-Blue-Green Soft Pearl Luster
10-60 2284ML Red-Voilet-Blue Soft Pearl Luster
10-60 2128ML Golden-Red-Voilet Soft Pearl Luster
10-60 2172ML Golen-Orange-Red Soft Pearl Luster
10-60 2123ML Golden-Bronze-Purple Soft Pearl Luster
10-60 1512ML Green-Golden-Red Soft Pearl Luster
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